Carbon steel perforated panel

Adjustable airflow carbon steel perforated panel


Products description:
The panel is made of carbon steel, the surface layer is used imported HPL, the small hole airflow rate is 25%,the bottom has the ribs for the side tube, airflow is not adjustable. Big hole(no surface)airflow rate is 45%,the bottom has the vertical and horizontal reinforcement grid, adjustable airflow, the bottom is the double-regulating blade dampers, slide through the wheel, pull the regulator and staggered overlapping pieces adjust the airflow. This product has a high loading capacity, fireproof, waterproof, solid stability and long using life. Applicable to all types of air under the engining room, the room has a high loading requirements, data centers, clean rooms, etc.
Support: The support is made of galvanized steel sheet and the height is adjustable .The minimum installation height is 100mm .
Fire resistance: Reached the national standard A.
Flooring requirements: The original floor is smooth and ventilated indoors, the moisture is 45%-75%, the temperature is 20-30ºC。
Packing:Carton Box with Pallet
Production Capacity: 10,000PCS/Month
Trade Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T