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.National Olympic sports center ( badminton ,tennis ,weightlifting) computer center.
.State Oceanic Administration
.National weather service
.Peking Jing-Kong subway project
.Peking metro line 6, phase two of line 8 , line 9, phase two of line 10.
.Chengdu systematic project of metro line 2
.Beijing and Tianjin suburban railway
.China Bank and Branches of various provinces and cities
.Agriculture Bank of China
.Communication Bank of China
.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
.Comprehensive building of the general staff and surveying department
.Attached middle school of Peking Agriculture university
.Peking branch company of Sinopec construction corporation (Evonik hydrogen peroxide project of Jilin )
.Petro-China systematic project of Xinjiang Dushanzi
.Economics and finance college of Jiangxi
.Normal college of Hebei Cangzhou
.Shaanxi natural gas Beijing gathering control center
.China Unicom
.China resource satellite applications
.Dushanzi corporation of Sinopec
.automatic testing institute.

China resource satellite applications PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Company
National Marine Environment Forecasting centre China Meteorological Administration
huaxia Securities huaxia Securities
Northeast Electric Power system project China United Telecommunication
Communication Bank of China Ming Tombs Reservoir energy storage power station main/master control room Academy of Sciences center computer room
Beijing Subway project  Guangzhou Subway project