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How to understand the load in the testing report of anti-static panels

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What is ultimated concentrated load?
It demonstrates the ultimate use of the panel, which meas the panel’ll be destroyed forever under this load, so the weight of equipment should not exceed this value. The panel should be installed according to the actual usage, the all-around support raised floor is sure that the four sides are stalled in the stringers, the four-corners support raised floor is sure that the four corners are stalled on the supports , whose height is adjusted to make the floor’s surface horizontal, make sure the four pedestals bear load simultaneously. The diameters of the pressure sensor and rubber pad are both 50mm , put them in the center of the panel, increase the pressure until it’s destroyed completely. Now the load is called ultimated concentrated load.
What is concentrated load?
It indicates the point loading of the normal usage, we can calculate the equipment weight which the panel can support through the value ( under the environment of point loading ) . The principle is the same as above. In this circumstance ,the deflection is below 2mm.
What is uniform load ?
This parameter indicates the panel’s bearing capability when the equipment touches the floor, so it’s unit is Newton/SM, through which we can calculate the equipment’s weight supported when touching the surface.
What is dynamic load ?
This parameter is very important. In many cases, it’s possible for the panel to support the equipment’s weight.While why it’s still be destroyed? Because we don’t consider about the dynamic load, a very important parameter indicating the panel can support the weight of movable equipment. The value of load is generally far less than others, which means the dynamic load is a soft underbelly.
So when choosing the panels, we must pay attention to the requirements for the panel of the equipment’s movement .