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Introduction of Anti-static floor

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Anti-static floor is divided into two kinds, one for dissipative, one for conductivity type. When it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated or export, characteristicis the resistance between 1x105-1x109Ω. Computer room antistatic technology, is part of the engine room security and protection areas. Due to various reasons arising from static electricity, is the most frequently occurring, one of the most difficult to eliminate hazards. Not only the computer will occur random failures, malfunction or operator error, but also cause certain components, such as cmos.mos circuit bipolar circuit breakdown and destruction. Besides static also impact external of the computer. With a cathode ray tube display device, when subjected to electrostatic interference, it will cause the image disorders, blurred. Static electricity will cause modem, network card, fax, etc. disorders, printer alignment disorder and other faults. The problem caused by static electricity is difficult to identify by Hardware workers, sometimes software workers will personnel mistaken for the software failure, resulting in confusion. In addition, static through the body of the computer or other device discharge when the energy reaches a certain level, will give a feeling of electric shock.
Anti-static floor main categories
1 Cement fiber anti-static floor, this panel is made of cement fiber which is high strength, fireproof, waterproof, antistatic cover. Waterproof, moisture-proof performance is good, Strong bearing capacity, it is suitable for large and rooms.
2 Anti-static steel raised floor, this floor is made of high-quality steel plate which stamping and welding, inject high-strength lightweight materials. Waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof performance is good, it is suitable for large rooms.
3 Aluminum edge composite anti-static floor, this panel is made of wood particle board, light weight, cheap, fireproof, moisture-proof performance lower, it is suitable for medium-sized and small rooms.
4 Aluminum anti-static floor, the floor is made of aluminum alloy which melting and then mechanical processing, high strength, fireproof, waterproof performance is good, the price is high, plate has recycling value, more and more application in electric power industry.
5 Imitation imported anti-static floor, this floor is manufacturing and processing in accordance with imported floor , beautiful appearance, excellent performance, it is suitable for all types of computer room.
6 PVC anti-static floor, the product is made of PVC resin as the main body, it is made by special process technology, the PVC particle interface formed a conductive network, it has the permanent anti-static function. Looks like marble, has better decorative effect. It is applicable in telecommunications, electronics industry, control room, computer room, clean workshop etc. Clean and anti-static rooms.