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Requirements on maintenance and use

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1. The use environment: the temperature and humidity of laying raised floor room should be 15.C-35.C and 45% -75% RH.
2. Maintenance requirements:
(1) Prohibit to operate by sharp instruments directly on the floor surface, in order to prevent the damage of anti-static properties and appearance of the floor surface.
(2) Prohibit the worker jumping from high place to raised floor during the using process and prohibit the worker from crushing the floor when they carry equipment barbaric operation.
(3) When move the equipment on the raised floor, it should be uplifted to move, and can’t be moved dircetly on raised floor.
(4) If the machine room has heavy equipment, the equipment should be at the ground base; not directly on the raised floor,which will cause deformation by long-term weight-bearing.
(5) When maintain the equipment under the raised floor, it should lift the raised floor by lifter, can’t dismantle by sharp tool.
(6) Clean the raised floor by vacuum cleaner or mop, don’t splash the liquid on the floor.
(7) The raised floor surface can put anti-static wax periodically to guarantee the long-term use.
3.Bare floors and perforated panel
(1).Should be preventing scratch raised floors’ anti-static spray layer, if found scratched , should use gray paint to brush, to ensure a complete layer.
(2). Preventing small objects fall into perforated panel (such as coins, keys, paper clips, pins, etc.) to avoid damaging the perforated panel and other equipment.