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Standard of buying anti-static flooring

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At present, anti-static flooring market competition is intense, product uneven, some good and some bad, a lot of low-cost product quality is not up to the standard . After the installation on the floor of consumer, will soon appear moisture expansion, fade, problems of poor wear resistance. So, consumers in the purchase of anti-static floor, should pay attention to what problem ; what standards do the good floor have ?
The anti-static floor is mainly to see the following properties: bearing performance, antistatic properties, abrasion resistance, waterproof and fireproof performance.
A variety of performance test:
Anti-static floor quality must through concentrated load, limit load, uniform load and other international standards. These tests are based on the national test standard anti-static flooring industry and the introduction of special, it is the load bearing performance test of anti-static flooring. The test will be the corresponding certificate, if these are not up to standard, this is a bearing the unqualified products.
environmental protection:
Green environmental protection floor, in the purchase of anti-static floor, if you smell a pungent smell, don't buy.
Good floor must be moisture-proof anti-static . Moisture-proof performance through the thickness swelling in response to the index rate. The higher the index, moisture resistance and worse. And moisture-proof performance difference of the floor in the spring monsoon humid environment, there may be swelling deformation problems. We remind consumers in the purchase must purchase the absorbent thickness expansion rate of less than 10%.
Wear resistance:
The most importance of the floor is wear resistance .It determines the service life of the floor. Consumers should see veneer performance is reached SJ/T11236-2001 standard when you choose and buy them .