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The advantages of using anti-static floor

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For large and small computer room, in order to prevent the adverse effects of electrostatic of computer equipment, must consider the use of anti-static movable floor installation. Because it offers the following advantages:
The simplicity of installation, and after the device configuration changes and expansion provides greater flexibility.
The engine room equipment can be connected free appliances in anti-static floor, convenient laying and repair, make room tidy.
It can protect all kinds of cables, wires, data wires and sockets, so as not to damage.
4、The room can use the space below the floor as static wind storage air conditioning airflow, obtain satisfactory. Whether computer equipment installed in any position, can get air conditioning by anti-static movable floor outlet.
5、The equipment at the bottom of the repair and maintenance.
6、To eliminate the harm cables exposed to human body.
7、Can use anti-static movable floor adjustable to eliminate the ground roughness, ensuring the overall level of room floor.
8、The static charge trickle discharge to the ground, and the reflection of electromagnetic radiation.